Agility Plant at 11 Mile Lae PNG

Sort It Water Treatment Service have provided the Agility Project Logistics, 11 Mile Camp and Logistics base located at 11 Mile, Lae PNG  with excellent service in the Maintenance and Servicing of our Water and Sewage Treatment Plants.  
Services performed on our Water Treatment Plant have been in January, May and August of 2015. With follow up visits planned for November.  We engaged Sort it to ensure our Water and Sewage treatment plants were fully functioning to manufactures and our environmental specifications. Sort it provided a service and maintenance plan for our 5 year old plant with advice on options, once the initial inspection and service was performed.  
First impressions with Sort it was the professionalism, honesty and solutions provided. With initial discussions prior to any inspection the sort it group provided a basic plan for the initial visit which included replacement of some parts from their knowledge and experience to meet our budget. In all visits and correspondence information was provided in  technical and lay man terms  and the solutions provided covered both short term and long term options, this allowed Agility to assess risk in how we proceeded for our chosen outcome.   
Our location provided some challenges to Sort it and I would recommend Sort it Water Treatment Services for their competent skillset, professionalism and dedication to achieving results for the client.  
In addition to the technical and communication skills of Sort it, their attention to safety standards from arrival to site and ensuring as a contractor they work with Agility has been a positive in our relationship   

Neil Peterson  
HSSE and Facilities Manager, Lae, PNG  
Agility Project Logistics